My focus is to help you discover how simple healthy habits will transform your life.

Hello there, I’m Shani Ferry!

I’m a functional medicine certified health coach living in Ohio. I’m in the business of helping midlife women develop healthy habits so that they can feel better and have more confidence in this next chapter of their life.

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As a functional medicine health coach—or, more specifically, your health coach—my top priorities are to:

Educate: Offer guidance and education about healthy lifestyle habits.

Formulate: Create a detailed, goal-oriented plan—tailored to you—to help you tackle your wellness goals.

Assist: Coach and help guide you along your journey & experience the benefits of a healthy body, mind, and soul.




A few fun facts about me

  • I studied with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and am a functional medicine certified health coach.
  • I have Master's degrees in both Speech-Language Pathology and Library and Information Sciences. I am not a stranger to working with and coaching people. I also know how to sift through the sea of information that is out there.
  • I am a near-50 mom and am familiar with the struggles of trying to live a balanced life.
  • My top character strength is my love of learning. I use this love to constantly learn about how I can improve my health and the health of others.
  • My personality type is INFJ. What you will find when you work with me is an empathetic person who will listen intently. I love developing a deep understanding of my clients so that I can help them achieve their wellness goals.
  • For all of you beer loving people in the world (myself included), I’m a firm believer that you can still enjoy life's pleasures. It's all about balance and habits.

See how you can transform your life by creating a balanced life.

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