Who is the health coach behind My Functional Coach?

MEET Shani

Teaching you how to get healthy...one habit at a time

Shani Ferry is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach for people in the midlife years.

Use this area to tell your story. Talk about your failure when you first started looking for a solution. Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.

Age gracefully in the midlife years using a holistic approach.

Shani works with those struggling to lose weight or get healthy, and also want to feel confident again in their skin.

Shani, a mom of two teenagers, understands how hard it can be to balance career and family demands...especially when you're trying to find the time or energy for self-care.

As a functional medicine certified health coach, she has seen firsthand how lifestyle habits can improve many people's lives--and her clients agree!

Good Health doesn't need to be complicated

...the solution, the result of all this pain and suffering, and now...

you are on a mission to help others just like you!


providing health coaching using a holistic and functional medicine based model

3-Month Private coaching

the quickest way to living a healthier life

Giving you personalized health coaching services that help you make small changes in your life today so you can feel better tomorrow.

single goal-setting session

create an action plan

Create more balance in your life by focusing on the area you need most. By the end of the session, you will have an action plan to reach your goals.

Challenge me to better health

get healthy one week at a time

52 habits to last you through the year. Follow each habit and you will be living your best life!

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